The Bionic Band™: My Review...

Bionic Bands - Do They Really Work?


First of all...

What is a Bionic Band™... and what is it
supposed to do?


  • Have you heard about EMF waves? 
  • How about cell phones causing cancer?  I bet you've heard that rumor. 
  • If that's true, how can you protect yourself?
  •  Can a simple wrist band possibly be your answer?


The Bionic Band™ is a wrist band that contains a small piece of copper or stainless steel that has been "imprinted" with a specific frequency.  Wearing this band (or one of the other imprinted products) will send this frequency throughout the cells of your body

To understand the exact science behind the Bionic Band™, you can
get the
official scoop from the company's website.


So what's the purpose? Why is that specific
frequency good for you? 

You may be familiar with the well-known concept that EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation from cell phones, microwave ovens and other electronic devices is all around us.  This is sometimes referred to as "electro-smog" or "EMF pollution". 

We are constantly being bombarded with thousands of frequencies that come from such things as cell phone towers, power lines, radio and TV stations, computers and their monitors, and just about everything that you plug into a wall.

There is evidence that these frequencies disrupt the normal functioning of the human body.  Some experts are saying that cell phone exposure is even linked to an increased risk of cancer.  No doubt you are concerned about this... but what can you do?  We need our 21st Century technology, and it is here to stay.

That's where the Bionic Band™ and the whole family of similar products can be of value
to you. There's even a BionicAnimal Band™ for protecting your pets now!


But does it work?  What can you expect
to happen for you?


Hi... my name is Arline Oliphint.  Let me tell you about my own experiences with the Bionic Band™.  

I was visiting my local health food store a couple of years ago.  Outside the store, I noticed a man who was having a lady stand on one foot with her arms stretched out.  This got me curious, as you can imagine... so I watched for a minute.  

When he was done talking to her, I walked over and asked him what he was demonstrating.  He showed me a Bionic Band™ and did a slightly different demo with me.

"Stand with your feet together", he said.  "Now put your hands like this, and try to resist when I push down..." 

Here's a short video that shows the same
"strength" demo I participated in.


I can tell you, it seems really weird... but the video shows exactly what I experienced for myself.  I can promise you, they're not acting or "faking it", because the same thing happened to me. The guy could easily push me off balance without the band, but when I held the Bionic Band™, my strength was increased.  I could easily resist him and could keep my balance.

Ironically, when I participated in that demonstration, I was already wearing another device that was supposed to counteract the effects of EMF radiation! 

Let's call it "the X card".  Obviously, whatever other effects "the X card" might have had on me, it certainly wasn't helping my strength, balance and stability!

Needless to say, I quickly got a
Bionic Band™ for myself.... and I
didn't bother to wear my
"X card" device any more. 

The very first day I wore my Bionic Band™, the main thing I noticed was a definite improvement in my mental clarity.  It was like my thought processes were in alignment, and I just felt a great sense of calmness and well being.  I have been a lot more focused, and seem to get more done.  I don't get as tired as I used to, either.

I also seem to have fewer aches and pains.  In fact, I recently had the opportunity to test the pain relief ability of the Bionic Band on myself.  On two separate occasions I started experiencing a strained ankle, severe enough that I was really limping to keep the ankle from hurting. 

Both times I had an extra Bionic Band handy, which I strapped around my ankle.  In both cases I was immediately able to walk normally without limping.  I could still feel a little discomfort, but not enough to make me favor that foot.

There was also an unexpected "side effect".  I wore the extra Bionic Band around my ankle overnight while still wearing my normal one on my wrist.  That first night I slept soundly for nine hours!  I woke up feeling amazingly refreshed.  I had not even realized it was possible to feel as rested as I did.

Other people have reported various experiences.  Be sure to read some of their testimonials when you go to the site.

This ends my review of the Bionic Band™.  I highly recommend that you go directly to the BMF Enterprises website to see additional videos, read about other people's experiences, and learn more about this exciting new technology.  Just click HERE to go to


Update:  Since I originally wrote this review, the "family" of Bionic Bands has grown to include different types of bands having four different frequencies. You can read my overview of the various bands and their purposes in a post on my health blog: 

Overview of the Four Bionic Band Frequencies


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